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Educational Activities

Marine Science Educational Activities: Fun for All Ages!

The Florida Aquarium is proud to present some fun, engaging and educational activities that can be completed at home!

Mix and match!

Recommended for grades pre-K and above.

Shark Glasses Craft

You’ll be swimming in style if you wear these sea shades!

Download Activity

Food Web in a Bag

Using simple materials, match animals with their preferred food sources.

Download Activity

Shark Senses Activity

You don’t have seven senses, but sharks do! Explore shark senses, including two that humans do not have!

Download Activity

Shell Dig Activity

Kids, brush up on your ABC’s while expanding ocean vocabulary.

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Recommended for grades K and above.

Coral Polyp Cupcakes

Learn about coral polyps and how they help form a coral reef – using cupcakes! A delightfully delicious way to demonstrate how individual polyps form a larger reef.

Download Activity

Recommended for grades 1 and above.

Shark Tooth Matching Activity

In this jaw-some activity, see if you can match the tooth to one of four species of shark.

Download Activity and Answer Key

Recommended for grades 2 and above.

Water Races Activity

Are you faster than a drop of water? Test you “speed’ – from starting line to the finish! Using a laminated* racetrack, see if you can stay on track (and inside the lines) while still making it quickly to the end.

*This activity will also work with a sheet protector in place of lamination or clear packing tape placed over the track.

Download Activity and Answer Key

Recommended for grades 3 and above.

Shark Anatomy Label Activity

How sharp is your knowledge of sharks? Using a word bank, see how many body parts of a shark you can identify

Download Activity and Answer Key

Household Item Challenge

How much is your everyday impacted by the environment? How many of these common household items (listed) contain ingredients taken from the ocean or rainforest.

Household Item Challenge

Recommended for grades 5 and above.

Sea Anemone Label Activity

Label the main parts of a sea anemone. Challenge yourself to see if you can remember 10 body parts.

Download Activity and Answer Key