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Marine Science, Science & Conservation Education Resources for Teachers

For a more in-depth exploration, these curriculum resources can be used over a longer period of time or can provide stand-alone activity options to supplement your at-home and in-class STEM content.

Marine Science Education for High School Students

Spines Across the Water

Recommended for grades 9 and above

Spines Across the Water is a curriculum focused on using STEM to explore coral reefs, with an emphasis on Diadema (long-spine sea urchin).

Produced by The Florida Aquarium and its partners with funding from the AZA Conservation Grants Fund.


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STEM Education for Middle and High School Students

Underwater Archaeology

Designed for grades 7-10*

Underwater Archaeology is a curriculum with content focused on understanding the fundamentals of archaeology, uncovering Florida’s prehistory and exploring Florida’s modern history in Tampa Bay.

Produced by The Florida Aquarium with funding from the Dorr Foundation.

*Content is adaptable for additional grade levels.

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Fun, engaging and educational activities that can be completed in the classroom or right at home.

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The Aquarium is proud to offer a variety of resources, programs and perks for teachers.

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