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Colorful Creations

Colorful Creations

Let your inner artist shine with our Aquarium-themed coloring activities. Try your hand at digital coloring in our Sea of Colors, learn to draw some of your favorite animals or start your own coloring book of the aquatic world with our printables.

Sea of Colors

There may be no more colorful ecosystem on Earth than the ocean! Lend a hand and show us your true colors with our Sea of Colors digital art project.

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NEW! Learn to Draw

Tune into our YouTube channel for family friendly drawing tutorials with our resident animal drawing expert, Mr. Matt.

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Aquarium Printables

Download original illustrations featuring some of The Florida Aquarium’s favorite animals. The fun doesn’t stop there. Enjoy coloring pages of other species as well.

Batfish       Coral Reef       Coral Tree       Galapagos Tortoise


Humpback Whale       Lemurs       Marine Iguana       Octopus


Sand Tiger Shark       Sea Lions       Stingrays       Vampire Squid